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Hensley Cleaning Services CANCELLATION POLICY

In the event that the Client needs to cancel a scheduled cleaning appointment, forty-eight (48) hours’ notice to Hensley Cleaning Services is required. Notice may be given by email, (info@hensleycleaning.com), SMS (text), or phone call.

Should the Client fail to give forty-eight (48) hours’ notice on more than one (1) occasion, the Client must pay 50% for the canceled cleaning first offense and 100% of the fee for canceled cleanings thereafter. Canceling more than three (3) consecutive cleanings or more than five (5) total scheduled cleanings, without prior approval of Hensley Cleaning Services, will be deemed a material breach and allow Hensley Cleaning Services to cancel the contract and/or pricing agreement or to seek legal remedies.

In the event that Hensley Cleaning Services needs to cancel a scheduled cleaning appointment 24 hours’ notice will be given to the client. If Hensley Cleaning Services fails to give 24-hour notice, the client will be offered one free cleaning. 

Recurring Client Cancellation Fee. Canceled Cleaning Explained

Why is there a cancellation fee if I need to cancel or reschedule my cleaning?
When you sign up with The Cleaning Advantage for a regular bi-weekly cleaning service; you have a scheduled ongoing appointment in your desired cleaner’s schedule. This is your dedicated time slot for every cleaning visit. We don’t book over your appointment or give it away; it’s yours; because you want the same cleaner at your home on a regular basis and we understand that. In fact; our whole business model is focused around YOU having the same cleaner at each visit.

Your dedicated house cleaner also enjoys this business model of always having the same recurring client in their schedule as it results in a nice steady paycheck they can rely on each week. Not to mention a pretty stress-free job as they know that they will clean the same homes, and see the same clients as well as their pets and children on a regular basis which keeps your cleaner around for the long term.

With an adequate notice of cancelation of your scheduled cleaning; we can usually fill your cleaning slot with another appointment to keep hours in your cleaning techs' schedule for the day. If we have less than 48 business hours’ notice it is a challenge to fill the slot and your cleaner may miss hours in their paycheck.
We understand that things come up last minute or there may be sickness in the home, and we will of course work with you with sickness and emergencies beyond your control. Your cancelation fee is not meant to be punitive and is usually given to your cleaner if we can’t fill the slot with another client.

When your cleaner’s paycheck starts to dwindle due to too many holes in their schedule caused by cancelations they will eventually quit because they are not making enough money to pay their bills. When this happens, it is not good for any of us and has a definite trickle-down effect.
Rescheduling your cleaning- We have no problem rescheduling your cleaning day to another day of that week if we have adequate notice as well as availability. We endeavor to keep your cleaner’s schedule full of the same recurring clients every week. This means that unless another recurring client has canceled their cleaning for the cycle, your cleaner may not have an opening and you may have to wait until your next cleaning cycle to be cleaned.

Please do remember to give us at least 48 business hours notice of canceling your cleaning appointment. As much notice as possible is always greatly appreciated. It is understood that it can be challenging if you are regularly scheduled on a Monday or Tuesday; we would need to know by the Thursday or Friday before. However, if you have painters coming in, kitchen remodel starting, or you are going to be out of town and don’t want us there; notifying us the week before is ideal from a scheduling standpoint.